The future of DeFi: Meet NexonNFT. The future of DeFi: Meet NexonNFT. Join the NFT Revolution One stop Solution for All NFT Needs

The first platform for NFT based crypto loans, NFT marketplace, and gaming, all in one Mint. Auction. Lend. Play. NFT Exchange. NFT lending. NFT Game
Powered by BSC and Avalanche
Token Sale Started.

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NexonNFT is the first platform of its kind, revolutionizing the world of NFTs as we know it. A Multi, - and Cross-Chain platform, a Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game, and an NFT-based Defi platform, all in one network. Among many other functionalities, NFT’s can be traded using fiat currency through Nexon Pay. Our vision is bold and ambitious: we strive to create the richest and most diverse ecosystem for NFT traders through a revolutionary Multi, - and Cross Chain platform with outstanding User Experience and state-of-the-art features never seen before.

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Products and Features

Nexon marketplace

Buy, sell and trade NFT’s with our Cross-Chain & Multi Chain Marketplace

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Nexon games

Enjoy the Dapp games and the metaverse games

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Nexon Staking

Stake the token and earn the rewards

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Fiat ramps to buy and sell tokens and Nft’s with your credit cards or bank account

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Nexon Bridge

Seamless peer to peer Crypto asset swap from BSC to Avalanche and Polygon

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Nexon Lending

Put your NFT assets as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their NFT’s

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half circle iconSupported Blockchain

We aim to bring together leading Blockchains for the Cross and Multi Chain NFT Marketplaces to leverage the maximum potential of NFT Trading.

half circle iconOur Project's Roadmap

  1. PHASE 1

    Market research.
    Website creation.
    Initial Whitepaper release.
    Set up the executive team.

  2. PHASE 2

    Seed Funding.
    Launching AirDrop / Bounty Program.

  3. PHASE 3

    Round 2 ICO Sale.
    Round 3 ICO Sale.
    Launch of Rummy Dapp play to earn Game for Browser.
    Launch of Nexon Marketplace for BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche.

  4. PHASE 4

    Launch In AVALANCHE.
    Launch of Nexon Virtual Real Estate.
    Launch of Nexon NFT Defi.
    Launch of Nexon bridge.
    Integration of Polygon and Solana Blockchains.

  5. PHASE 5

    Integration of Tezos and Cardano Blockchains.
    Launch of Rummy dapp game in VR.
    Launch of Empires battle Metaverse game.

  6. PHASE 6

    Nexon Pay.
    Launch of other games in VR.

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Nexon Games: Everything You Should Know About

NexonNFT is a project that has everything a crypto user needs at the moment. Whether you need faster payment methods, better security, future NFT marketplaces, earning opportunities, and more. NexonNFT has it all together. “Nexon games” is a major part of the project

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What is an NFT? non-fungible tokens Explained

NFTs came to the attention of the whole world when Christie’s auction house sold first-ever NFT artwork — a collage of images by digital artist Beeple — for $69.3 million. This news spread on the internet like fire and more and more people started to explore the NFT world.

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What is NexonNFT?

NexonNFT is a blockchain-based project that is a hub for the NFT Marketplace and NFT Games. The project is aimed to make it easy for people to conduct global financial transactions. For easing the transactions the project also has NexonPay, Nexon Bridge, and NexonNFT tokens. It will provide Defi/NFT lending

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