Nexon Lending

Nexon Lending Nexon Lending Nexon Lending

half circle iconBorrowers

Use your NFTs as collateral

Put any token up for collateralization. Other users can now offer you a loan.

If you accept a loan, the ETH or BNB gets paid out from the lenders account to you, and your NFT gets locked in the NEXON smart contract.

Once you repay the loan the asset will be transferred back to you. If you don’t pay back the total repayment amount before the due date, the asset will be transferred to the lender.

half circle iconLenders

Browse your favourite NFTs like Cryptopunks or any other NFT and offer loans on assets you’re happy to back.

Short term loans to other people can offer attractive returns.

Make sure you understand the assets you are offering loans on and are happy to accept the collateral if the lender defaults.